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A pocket watch makes a wonderful gift: it is thoughtful, sophisticated and ever-stylish, guaranteed to be cherished by the recipient for years to come. If you’re looking for something extra special for a loved one or for a special occasion, why not opt for a personalised pocket watch?


Here at Pocket Watch, we offer a number of pocket watch designs that are suitable for engraving. Carried out with expert computerised engraving systems and overseen by skilled engravers with over 25 years of experience, you can count on us for a professional service guaranteed to take any pocket watch gift to the next level. Whether you’re celebrating a milestone occasion or you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for someone special, a personalised pocket watch is a perfect choice.

We offer our bespoke engraving service on both the front and back outer cases of your new pocket watch, as well as in plain shield designs. Please note, however, we do not engrave on the inside cases of any of our pocket watches.


When selecting your pocket watch from our extensive collection, double check to see whether your watch is engravable. All our engravable pocket watches are highlighted on the product pages with a handy ‘Ready To Engrave’ banner, meaning you can quickly and easily scan the page and select a personalisable option.

When clicking through into the product information page, you should see two options: ‘click for free engraving’ and ‘add to basket’. If you wish to utilise the engraving service, select the engraving button to be taken through to the engraving options page. On this page, you will be able to add your personalised message, choose the location of your message, and change the font of your message.


The first step is to choose the message for your engraved pocket watch. Please bear in mind the size of a pocket watch when choosing your message - for best results, we would recommend a shorter, clearer message, as this will generally look more aesthetically pleasing when engraved.

You will be given a set amount of lines for your message alongside a set amount of characters for each line. This can differ as per the watch you are choosing and its design. For example, a small shield may only allow 2 or 3 characters, so is better suited for initials, whereas a plain back case allows more room for a longer message. Our computerised machine will automatically centre all text on the pocket watch. When writing out your message, remember the shape of a pocket watch and try to keep the longest part of your inscription in the central lines.


There are three fonts to choose from for your engraving. These are Times New Roman, Amerzone Script and Zapf Chancery, examples of which can be viewed on the engraving options page. Please remember, we cannot engrave two different font styles onto the same pocket watch.

Again, bear in mind the size of your message alongside the size of the engravable area when selecting your font. Due to its cursive nature, we would not recommend Amerzone Script for small areas as the message may become difficult to read. For small areas or a large amount of text, a clearer font such as Times New Roman would be recommended.


  • Due to the circular shape of a pocket watch, for best results, we’d recommend keeping the longest line in the centre of your inscription.
  • Remember, our computerised machines will automatically centralise all text on the pocket watch.
  • While we are more than happy to engrave to your requirements, we would generally recommend a well balanced, concise inscription.
  • For the best aesthetic results, we would recommend keeping inscriptions on the front case short and using the more discreet back case of the pocket watch for any longer, personal messages.

Once you are satisfied with your choices, you can continue through to the checkout. If you are placing the one order, click through into ‘confirm & view cart’ from this page. If you wish to engrave more items in your basket be sure to press ‘confirm & engrave next item’ to continue with the process.


The cost of engraving is £8.00 for one side of your pocket watch (front or back engraving), and £15 for both sides (front and back engraving). However, keep an eye out for the free engraving promotional banner, as these watches feature our personalised engraving service free of charge.

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