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A vintage classic, the Moon Phase pocket watch makes for a beautiful timepiece. An intricate design and stunning craftsmanship make the Moon Phase a perfect collector’s piece and an extremely special gift. Whether you’re looking for a gold, silver or chrome watch, there are plenty of luxurious metals to choose from. Display your pocket watch on one of our premium watch stands, or keep it safely stored in a protective pouch. Why not consider engraving your moon phase pocket watch for truly elegant personalisation?

Those looking for an elegant timepiece with a difference need look no further than the selection of moon dial pocket watches at Pocket Watch. Here you can find a variety of stunning, intricate styles that not only tell the time but also display the current phase of the moon as it looks in the sky.

Why Choose A Moon Phase Watch?

There are a multitude of reasons to choose a moon phase pocket watch. Not only does a moon dial on your pocket watch hold a link to traditional watch making and time telling, but it adds an artistic, intricate and vintage feel to your pocket watch. With a moon dial watch, the ‘moon phase’ that you can see refers to the lit area of the moon that is visible to us as the moon travels. Typically a moon dial works with a rotating disc that completes a cycle every 29 and a half days, allowing you to follow the moons position in the sky in relation to the earth.

Timeless Designs at Pocket Watch

Whether you’re looking for a traditional polished chrome pocket watch or looking to make an impression with a striking gold plated design, here at Pocket Watch we use our years of experience and expertise to source watches from only the best designers in the industry. We carry high end moon dial pocket watches from Bernex, Greenwich and Jean Pierre of Switzerland, amongst other renowned designers.

If you’re on the lookout for a pocket watch with a difference, why not also explore the collection of dual time pocket watches and skeleton pocket watches at Pocket Watch?

Free uk delivery

All orders are despatched via the Royal Mail, we may require a signature upon delivery. We aim to dispatch orders within 24 working hours.


Free bespoke engraving

Why not add an engraving to your pocket watch to make a gift or occasion extra special, guaranteed to be cherished by the recipient for years to come.


Multiple Chain Styles

We offer a range of chains with selected brands to compliment your pocket watch. You can easily add a chain when adding a watch to your basket.

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